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Day 43 – drops…

043/365, Bokeh, day 43, Project 365, rain drops

… it just feels so autumn at the moment. Awful.

50mm – f1.8 – 1/80 – ISO 800

Day 36 – Summer Wine…

Project 365, Day 36, 036/365, bokeh, umbrella, Strobist, pocketwizard, rain, bad weather, wine, summer wine, wine glass, red wine

What a day… it was raining again the whole time, so I though I do another nice rain picture (kind of a theme this month), but as soon after I was finished setting up in the rain, it stopped. Great. So I waited a bit, but when it didn’t start again, I had to use the water hose.

I wanted to call this picture End of Summer first, but the weather was so nice today, that it didn’t really fit…

Strobist Info:
SB-80dx (24mm – 1/4) with an umbrella from the front with 2 CTO gels, SB-80dx (105mm – 1/32) bare from the back, Camera set to Fluorescent, triggered via Pocketwizard Plus IIs

Day 23 – Woodstock, baby!

project 365, day 23, rain, 023/365, mudd, mudd diving, festival, woodstock, girls, puddle, puddle diving, wet

With it being only about 16 degrees outside, these girls decided to pull the Woodstock at the Festival of Love (Ein Festival der Liebe) in Dortmund. Wow that’s commitment…

Day 22 – preparing for work..

Self Portrait, Project 365, Strobist, 022/365, rain, day 22

The next three Days I’m shooting another Musicfestival in the Area. It has been raining the last couple of days and it is supposed to be raining the next couple of days. The weatherstations even gave out a warning to prepare for the massive amounts of water… let’s see how it goes.

Strobist Info:
SB-80dx (24mm – 1/4) into a 60cm softbox with a boom over me, SB-80dx (diffusor – 1/2) behind chair, camera and flashes tiggered via Pocketwizard Plus IIs