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Day 96 – Light in the Dark

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In the Dark a little Match can be a bright flame…

Bright was a hard topic. I first thought about doing kind of an alien abduction theme and just blast lots of light through a doorframe to get a silhouette shot, but I couldn’t find a door that I could frame dead center and also I did that Silhouette thing yesterday. So I kept thinking about the term brightness. What defines brightness? Bright is a lot of light. A bright sunny day, a bright and intense spotlight, but a little match can also be bright, when there is no other light around… doesn’t a little light in the black night sometimes mean so much more to us then the all the sunny days together?

50mm – f4.5 – 1/80 – ISO 100

Strobist Info:
SB-80dx (14mm – 1/64) into 60cm Softbox camera right as baselight with 2 CTO Gels, SB-80dx (85mm – 1/64) bare camera right in front of the Softbox as mainlight with CTO Gel (- about 2 stops brighter then the softbox), flash triggered via PocketWizard Plus II Transceivers