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Day 87 – Beethoven was a Rockstar

David Garrett, Köln, Lanxess Arena, 2010, Day 87, Project 365, 087/365, Bokeh project365, live, music, rock, classic, cologne, Beethoven, Rockstar, David Garrett, Pop, Klassik, Rock, Musik,  Music, Concert, Konzert, Kultur, Fire, Feuer, Violine, Violin, Konzertbilder, Köln, NRW, Deutschland, 2010, Lanxess Arena, ourdailychallenge

I’m really happy to show you a shot of the thing that made me start Photography. Unlike most others I got my first camera because I wanted to take pictures at concerts. Everything else I do in photography came year later (literally).

This afternoon I got a call from my boss asking me if I didn’t want to got to cologne this eve and shoot David Garrett. He’s a Virtuoso playing the Violin and in his show he presents a mix between classic tunes and modern rock songs. Well, you can guess what I said! After a great Weekend this really made my day perfect.

Sorry for the intense Watermarks and the lower resolution on this Image. Do to the fact, that this one sells via my agent and isn’t one of my personal concert shots, I got to protect it from theft and unauthorised use and bla bla, so…

Copyright reserved – Use without written permission is not allowed. Contact me for inquiries, larger versions are available

185mm – f2.8 – 1/250 – ISO 1250