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Day 45 – Ahab vs. Dick…

Day 45, Ahab vs. Dick, 045/365, Project 365, Strobist, self portrait, Pocketwizard Plus II, tshirt, scream, splitreason

Ahhhh, I’m so stupid.
I went out today to get a nice picture with a great sky. I knew how the picture was going to look before I took it. I packed my gear, got my camera out and got on location. I started to setup and as I took the first testshots, I realised that I forgot a CF-Card… next time bring the whole camera bag, idot!

So I took another Shirt picture… let’s try again tomorrow.

24mm – f8 – 1/250 – ISO 200

Strobist Info:
SB-80dx (24mm – 1/2) into 43″ umbrella high from the front, SB-80dx (diffusor – 1/32) behind me as rimlight, camera and flashes tiggered via Pocketwizard Plus IIs