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Day 182 – The Great Pretender

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After half a year of Project 365 I have to come clean with all of you. Yes, I faked it all… there never was any bokeh, no christmas lights and no streetlights. I did it all in the studio in front of giant Posters I bought online… I’m feeling so bad right now.

I think with not posting the last couple of days I made this a bigger deal than it actually is :o) I was just too busy to post, so don’t worry everything is alright.

It is a half year of Project 365 now and I want to thank you all so much for your support, comments, favs, questions and the interaction. I got to know a lot of really awesome people here which is the greatest part of the whole experience; next to improving my photography skills (and I think I have to step it up a notch to keep up looking at some of the guys who just started this year).

70mm – f8 – 1/250 – ISO 100

Strobist Info:
Nikon Sb-80dx (105mm – 1/64) with grid from the top, Nikon Sb-80dx (24mm – 1/32) as rimlight from the left flagged towards camera, Nikon Sb-80dx 24mm – 1/32) as rimlight from the right flagged towards camera, camera and flashes tiggered via PocketWizard Plus II and optical slaves.