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Day 124 – Dark and Light

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Todays topic for me was Black and White. But I didn’t just wanted to go for a monochrome conversion of a normal image. I wanted to take the topic and make my lights work for me too. So Black and White became Dark and Light and what would be better to show that off then rimlights. I knew I couldn’t go for bare flashes, because that would have resulted in completely harsh and dark shadows without details, but two big umbrellas on both sides would do the job nicely. I would get highlights on both sides, but there would still be detail in the shadows towards the camera. Only thing left was getting into a matching outfit. So consider this one my entry for new look as well ;o)

50mm – f8 – 1/250 – ISO 100

Strobist Info:
SB-80dx (24mm – 1/8) into big umbrella as rimlight from the left, SB-80dx (24mm – 1/8) into big umbrella as rimlight from the right, camera and flashes tiggered via PocketWizard Plus II and optical trigger