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Day 192 – The Great Cold Distance

Project 365, Day 192, 192/365, bokeh, cold, the great cold distance, blue, leaves, leaf, dead leaves, dead leaf, katatonia, dark, brench, Canon EF 70-200 f2.8 IS,

„I am ice, I am clear
Let the world be cold
Our deliberation
Pass them on, let it show
Let the words come slow
Your constant incantation

See us sleep behind the glass unaware of crime
Will you wake us up before it is time“
Katatonia – Deliberation

Today way one of those Days I wanted to go out and shoot an image with a special look and mood. What helps me a lot is listening to music that fits those ideas in my head and evokes certain feelings….

200mm – f2.8 – 1/30 – ISO 1000