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Day 94 – Däumchen drücken

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…or as you say in English: Fingers crossed.

The term ‚Daumen drücken/Hold your thumbs‘ originates in an old Germanic Superstition, that your thumb is your lucky finger. It was suppost to have supernatural powers and by that protect you of bad dreams. In this case, the thumb is a symbol for a kobold/imp. Is he trapped by the other fingers, he can’t harm the person you are holding it for any longer… how awesome is that?

I was told to hold my thumbs today and so I do. A friend of mine is giving a Beginners Photography 101 Seminar today and she was a bit nervous about it because she has to teach for 6 hours. That is really using your head. I was thinking about it for a while and would have never been able to do that. I probably would be able to talk about using flashes for that time, but 101 Photography? That is hard. I would probably forget so much that I take for granted by now or I would confuse the listeners so much that their heads would explode.

I don’t really know when she is done, so I guess I hold on to the thumbs a bit longer… just to be sure!

Our Daily Challenge for 7th November, 2010: Using your Head

50mm – f1.8 – 1/400 – ISO 200