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Day 82 – hide

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If they are looking for you… hide, simple as that!

I had such a hard time going out today to shoot. The weather was nice and after doing no street shots for a while now, I really wanted to, but just couldn’t motivate myself. Well, 45 minutes of the day left I finally got my stuff together and ran out (Thanks Pete for the little push, check out his stuff, if you don’t know him, his work is so unbelievable incredible). Luckily I always have my Lightning Bag packed. It was supposted to be a simple shot to include todays topic (Simplicity) so I just used one light and brought just one lens (if I would shoot with anything else then the 50mm lately).

I wanted to do kind of an ‚avenger in the dark shot‘, but when the police drove by with the sirens on, I liked the results better. So I do the superhero shot another time…

50mm – f1.8 – 1/25 – ISO 800

Strobist Info:
SB-80dx (diffusor – 1/128) into half closet umbrella, camera and flash triggered via PocketWizard Plus II Transceivers