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Day 48 – possessed…

Day 48, 048/365, Project 365, Strobist, self portrait, bokeh, Pocketwizard Plus II, sunset, jump, field, elevate, elevation, ghost

… I got the shot that I was looking for (and even a bit more). Yeah!

I wanted to take this picture for a week now and knew pretty much what I wanted the shot to look like. I wanted a field, sunset in the background and me standing with outstretched arms in the middle. So I went location scouting and found this place I really liked. Went back there the next day, the light was good, the clouds were great, I packed just the stuff I needed (remember, I had the shot in my head), drove there, started setting up and doing some test shots… realized I didn’t bring a CF-Card. Went out the next day again, waited over an hour for the right light and when the sun was down enough to get the shot, the clouds were gone. I guess third time is the charm… you see the result above. The jumping part wasn’t planned, but while shooting, I thought I try it and had a winner right on the first take the camera triggered while I was in the air. The other exposures coming afterwards were ok, but not as good as this one.

The setup for this shoot was pretty simple, I wanted to illuminate most of the field in front of me, but keep everything else pretty much in the dark. To get the right exposure capturing the sunset and still got enough light on me shooting into an umbrella, I had to use two speedlights at once at full power to get enough light out of them. I triggered the camera via Pocketwizards Plus IIs with the timer set to 10 seconds. So I could start the countdown, get ready and lift of during the exposure. Unfortunatly that meant, that the flash was always going of twice – when I started the countdown and when the camera triggered. Anybody an idea how to set up the PWs to trigger only once?

14mm – f6,3 – 1/250 – ISO 100

Strobist Info:
Two SB-80dx (35mm – both 1/1) into a single big umbrella camera right with 1/2 CTOs, camera and flashes tiggered via Pocketwizard Plus IIs