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Day 193 – pina colada anyone?

Day 193, 193/365, Project 365, Strobist, pineapple , pina colada, yellow, fruit, white rum, cream of coconut, PiƱa colada,

I promised af friend a shot of a pineapple a while ago… I personally hate pineapple, but together with a little cream of coconut and white rum I can stand it.

68mm – f5 – 1/250 – ISO 100

Strobist Info:
SB-80dx (diffusor – 1/4) into 60cm Softbox from the top, SB-80dx (24mm – 1/32) bare but flagged as rimlight from the left,SB-80dx (24mm – 1/32) bare but flagged as rimlight from the right, SB-80dx (14mm – 1/16) bare with yellow gel on the background, camera and flashes tiggered via PocketWizard Plus II and optical slaves.

2 Responses to “Day 193 – pina colada anyone?”

  1. el dino sagt:

    Hi Guy, I found your Project this month. Just to say : you are a good photographer, with many great idea. I started a 365 project too. I’m glad to found someone who takes care of his photos ;-)

    Good continuation.


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